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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 25, Number 8, August 2013
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of buck presence on sexual receptivity and kindling performance of rabbit doe; S I Ola and O S Olatunbosun

  2. Growth curves for buffaloes using random regression mixed models with different structures of residual variances; D M Bolívar, M F Cerón-Muñoz, M A Elzo, E J Ramírez and D A Agudelo

  3. Variations in the quality of sperm in rabbits; A Najjar and M Ben Mrad (In French)

  4. Farming rabbits in Algeria: a not negligible source of meat for rural families; D Saidj, S Aliouat, F Arabi, S Kirouani, K Merzem, S Merzoud, I Merzoud and H Ain Baziz (In French)

  5. Milk as functional food: a review; R Patiño Pardo, L Altahona and J Pérez Palencia (In Portuguese)

  6. Prediction of live weight from linear body measurements of indigenous goats of Swaziland; M Matsebula, E Bhebhe, J F Mupangwa and B J Dlamini

  7. Seasonal anœstrus and sexual activity in the Ouled Djellal ewes; A Benyounes and F Lamrani (In French)

  8. Intake and in vivo digestibility of molasses-treated Tithonia diversifolia leaves associated with maize stover in Djallonké sheep (Ovis aries); F N E Matumuini, F Tendonkeng , A V Mboko, G T Zougou, E Miégoué, B Boukila and E T Pamo (In French)

  9. Feeding systems for fattening cattle on smallholder farms in Central Vietnam; D V Dung, W Yao, N X Ba and H Kalhoro

  10. Monitoring rainfall data to estimate milk production in Mweiga location, Nyeri County, Kenya; A Mirara and T Maitho

  11. Effect of supplementation with Tithonia diversifolia on postpartum weight and pre-weaning growth of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus L.); Noumbissi Marie Noël Bertine, Tendonkeng Fernand, Zougou T Gilbert, Miégoué Emile, Lemoufouet Jules, B Boukila and T Pamo Etienne (In French)

  12. Ruminant livestock production and quality of pastures in the communal grazing land of semi arid central Tanzania; F B C Njau, J Lwelamira and C Hyandye

  13. Effect of application of different types of fertilizer on production and nutritional quality of Colosuana grass (Bothriochloa pertusa (L) A. Camus) in Sucre, Colombia; R Patiño Pardo, R Pérez Cardoso and J Pérez Palencia (In Spanish)

  14. Relationships between sexual behaviour and vulva external characteristics in Algerian domestic rabbit; I Ilès, S Boukhari, R Belabbes, I Boulbina, S Zenia and H Ain Baaziz (In French)

  15. Status of minerals in camels (Camelus dromedarius) in north eastern Kenya as evaluated from the blood plasma; S G Kuria, I A Tura, S Amboga and H K Walaga

  16. The potential of rabbit production in improving household incomes in Nankoma Sub-county, Bugiri District, Uganda; E K Ndyomugyenyi and O D Otiengino

  17. On station assessment of neonatal lamb mortality of Moroccan local breeds; M El Fadili (In French)