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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 25, Number 5, May 2013
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of environmental factors on lactation curves of milk production traits in Holstein-Friesian cows reared under North African conditions; M Bouallegue, B Haddad, M S Aschi and M Ben Hamouda

  2. Growth response of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings fed diet substituted groundnut cake meal and cotton seed meal; L O Tiamiyu, V T Okomoda and B Iber

  3. An in vitro nutritive evaluation of Medicago arborea as affected by growth stage and cutting regimen; M R Al-Masri

  4. Variety, harvest date after planting and plant fraction of Napier grass influence in vitro gas production; T Ansah, E L K Osafo and H H Hansen

  5. Food security and economic implications of small ruminant fetal wastages in Nigeria: a case of an abattoir; N B Alhaji and I A Odetokun

  6. Management and field performance of horses and donkeys used for ploughing on smallholder farms. An example from North Kordofan, Sudan; Elsamawal Khalil Makki and Ezdehar Omer Mohammed Musa

  7. Impact of management intervention on productive performance and profitability of small-scale broiler farming in Bangladesh; M H Kawsar, S D Chowdhury, S K Raha and M M Hossain

  8. Gender roles in small holder dairy farming: pertinent issues on access and control over dairy farming resources in Arumeru district, Tanzania; E G Kimaro, J G Lyimo-Macha and J N Jeckoniah

  9. Morphostructural variability of Colombian creole female hair sheep; J Moreno Meneses, D Montes Vergara, J Ucros Porras, A Fernández Quintero and J Cardona Álvarez (In Spanish)

  10. Introduction of Pachyrhizus erosus in the Niayes region in Senegal: Study of its chemical composition and its fodder value; S Ngom, M B Thiam, E H Traore and D M Ndiaye (In French)

  11. Viability status of Cenchrus ciliaris seeds in the three farms of the sub-humid eastern agro-ecological zone of Tanzania; J B Kizima, E J Mtengeti and S Nchimbi-Msolla

  12. On farm evaluation of Kenyan Top bar hive (KTBH) for honey production in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia; Haftom Gebremedhn and Awet Estifanos

  13. Options for efficient utilisation of high fibre feed resources in low input ruminant production systems in a changing climate: A review; P K Migwi, B O Bebe, C K Gachuiri, I Godwin and J V Nolan

  14. The characteristics of the farm and the farmer that affect the adoption of biosecurity on smallholder poultry farms in Indonesia; S H Susilowati, I Patrick, M Iqbal and T Jubb

  15. The potential influence of social networks on the adoption of breeding strategies; P N Pali, L Zaibet, S K Mburu, N Ndiwa and H I Rware

  16. Supplementation effect of thermotolerant yeast on nutrient utilization and rumen fermentation in Nellore lambs; C Harikrishna, M Mahender, Y Ramana Reddy, M Gnana Prakash, K Sudhakar and M Pavani

  17. Morphological characteristics and most frequent health constraints of urban draught horses attending a free healthcare programme in the south of Chile: A retrospective study (1997-2009); M Sáez, A Escobar and T Tadich

  18. Contribution of non-timber forest products to poverty alleviation and forest conservation in Rufiji Districts -Tanzania; J Kimaro and L Lulandala

  19. Towards a typology of sheep’s milk collected in Algerian area steppe based on the microbiological quality and related to milking practices; Yabrir Benalia, Hakem (ex Akam) Ahcène, Mostefaoui Abdellah, Labiad Moussa, Titouche Yacine, Boudabous Abdellatif and Mati Abderrahmane (In French)

  20. Effect of feeding various roughage based processed complete rations on growth performance and carcass characteristics in growing ram lambs; A Sudheer Babu, D Srinivasa Rao, D Nagalakshmi and Y Ramana Reddy