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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 11, November 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. A note on ensiling the foliage of New Cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium); Lylian Rodríguez and T R Preston

  2. Indigenous knowledge and its relevance for sustainable beekeeping development: a case study in the Highlands of Southeast Ethiopia; Solomon Bogale

  3. Studies on Jimson weed (Datura stramonium L) intoxication to animals in the Setif region, Algeria; N Kara, A Bouzidi, N Mehdeb and F Djellal (In French)

  4. An evaluation of the economic losses resulting from condemnation of cattle livers and loss of carcass weight due to Fasciolosis: a case study from Hai town abattoir, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania; E S Swai and E Ulicky

  5. Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae dietary supplementation on the zootechnical performance and blood components of dairy cows during peripartum; S Temim, A Boudjenah, B Djellout, S Bouzerd, M E Atif, F Hafsi, F Ghozlane and H Ain Baziz (In French)

  6. Assessment of the nutritive value of fungi treated maize cob using in vitro gas production technique; A Akinfemi, O A Adu and F Doherty

  7. Factors affecting growth performance of sheep under village management conditions in the south western part of Ethiopia; Berhanu Bela and Aynalem Haile

  8. Live stock and cereal production in Algeria: choice of varieties with best grain yield and a straw of good feed value; R Chabaca, A Larwence and A Hamadache (In French)

  9. Effect of minimal supplemental feeding with lucerne during late gestation on pre-weaning performance of goats grazing Themeda triandra and Tarconanthus camphoratus; M L Mashiloane and O M Ntwaeagae

  10. Use of redworms (Perionyx excavatus) to manage agricultural wastes and supply valuable feed for poultry; Vu Dinh Ton, Han Quang Hanh, Nguyen Dinh Linh and Nguyen Van Duy

  11. Performance of Djallonke lambs raised under various management systems in Ghana; R Y Baiden and J L Duncan

  12. Potential benefits and complexities of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programme for veterinary practitioners; B M Maheswari and N K Sudeep Kumar

  13. Energy returned on energy invested (EROEI); the case for gasification as a component of an integrated live stock based farming system; T R Preston and Lylian Rodríguez

  14. Milk production and composition of dairy cows raised under landless small scale dairy system in Tunisia; M Ben Salem and R Bouraoui

  15. Health and nutrition practices among smallholder sheep and goat farmers in Ogun State Nigeria; M Anaeto, G O Tayo, G O Chioma, A O Ajao and T A Peters

  16. Knowledge and practices of smallholder farmers and herdsmen in the use of acaricides and gastrointestinal anthelminthes in Ghana; W Addah, J Baah, S Tia and E Okine

  17. Effect of genetic group and sex on haematological parameters and the viability of the local fowl (Gallus domesticus) in Cameroon; B A Hako Touko, Y Manjeli, J Awah-Ndukum and T C Keambou (In French)

  18. Effect of processing taro foliage on growth of pigs fed two grades of rice bran; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  19. Effect of PEG 4000 on the urine and faecal nitrogen excretion in sheep consuming ammonia treated straw: relationship with phenolic acids; R Chabaca, A Larwence and M Chikhi (In French)

  20. Prevalence and intensity of endoparasites in small ruminants kept by farmers in Kisumu Municipality, Kenya; P W N Kanyari, J M Kagira and R J Mhoma

  21. Population structure in Albanian sheep breeds analyzed by microsatellite markers; A Hoda, P Dobi, G Hyka and Econogene consortium

  22. Effectiveness of an educational interactive video-DVD on dairy health management practices in terms of symbolic adoption among dairy farmers; P Vidya, C Manivannan and N K Sudeepkumar