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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 9, September 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Increasing the efficiency of the dairy value chain in Uganda: Determinants of choice of milk marketing channels by dairy farmers in Kiruhura District, Uganda; A Nkwasibwe, J Mugisha, G Elepu and J B Kaneene

  2. Moringa oleifera leaf meal and molasses as additives in grain sorghum based diets; effects on egg quality and consumer preferences; J T Kaijage, S K Mutayoba and A M Katule

  3. Evaluation of different oat varieties for fodder yield and yield related traits in Debre Berhan Area, Central Highlands of Ethiopia; Gebremedhn Beyene, Alemu Araya and Hailay Gebremedhin

  4. Comparative study of the internal parameters of the haplotypes’s thermopréferendum of the Tunisian bee Apis mellifera intermissa (Buttel Reepen 1906); Mohamed Chouchaine, Naima Barbouche and Abdellah Khemiri (In French)

  5. Evaluation of genetic parameters and growth traits of Hungarian Simmental cattle breed; D Kebede and I Komlosi

  6. Milk production performance of Holstein Friesian dairy cows at Holetta Bull Dam Farm, Ethiopia; Wondossen Ayalew, Mohammed Aliy and Enyew Negussie

  7. Analysis of technical, allocative and economic efficiency of broiler production using closed house system in Malang District of East Java Indonesia; S Pakage, B Hartono, Z Fanani and B A Nugroho

  8. Phenotypic characterization and weight estimation from linear body traits of West African Dwarf goats reared in the transitional zone of Ghana; P T Birteeb and R Lomo

  9. Adoption of zero grazing and impact on livestock keepers’ knowledge of cattle reproductive parameters in Western Kenya; J Nalunkuuma, H Affognon, S W Kingor, D Salifu and F K Njonge

  10. Effect of fermented aquatic macrophytes supplementation on growth performance, feed efficiency and digestibility of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) juveniles fed low fishmeal diets; Y Cruz Velásquez, C Kijora, S Wuertz and C Schulz

  11. Higher weight gain by Kuroiler chickens than indigenous chickens raised under scavenging conditions by rural households in Uganda; Jagdev Sharma, Jie Xie, May Boggess, Esau Galukande, Daniel Semambo and Sylvia Sharma

  12. Characterization of village chicken production system under traditional management in Gantaafeshum district of Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia; Letebrhan G/Slassie, Aberra Melesse, Sandip Banerjee and Gebremedhn Beyene

  13. Utilization of pods of Prosopis juliflora, an invasive tree, as a replacement to concentrate feed for goats in Ethiopia; Kidane Hintsa, Mulubrhan Balehegn and Emiru Birhane

  14. The role of social capital in technology adoption and livestock development; Barnabas Ntume, Agnes Sarah Nalule and Sylvia Angubua Baluka

  15. Forage quality, forage dry matter yield, grain protein and agronomic traits of traditional barley genotypes (Hordeum vulgare L.) from rural areas in Algeria; H Rahal-Bouziane, F Alane and A Abdelguerfi

  16. Methane production was reduced when cassava root (Manihot esculenta, Crant) was ensiled rather than dried, and when cassava leaves replaced water spinach (Ipomoea aquatic) as the protein source, in an in vitro rumen fermentation; Sangkhom Inthapanya, T R Preston and Duong Nguyen Khang

  17. Carry-over effects of biochar on yield of Mustard Green vegetable (Brassica juncea) and on soil fertility; Huy Sokchea, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  18. Socio-demographic determinants of passing on the gift among livestock farmers: An examination of Send-A-Cow project in Kayonza and Rwamagana districts of Rwanda; Edward Mutandwa and Aphrodis Ngendabanga

  19. Rehabilitation of degraded pasture land through application of urea and slurry: the case of Ayba pasture land, southern Tigray, Ethiopia; Tesfay Atsbha, Awet Estifanos, Solomon Wayu, Temesgen Tesfay and Adhanom Baraki

  20. In vitro adsorption study of zearalenone by Thai bentonite and mineral clays; S Wongtangtintan, N Silaratana, U Tengjaroenkul, K Pimpukdee and B Tengjaroenkul

  21. Physiology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi; A Ortiz-Acevedo, N W Osorio-Vega, J Echeverri-Gómez, O A González-Murillo and M Medina-Sierra (In Spanish)