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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 17, Number 4, April 2005
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. The in vitro gas production technique: a tool to evaluate ruminant feeds; S L Posada y R R Noguera (In Spanish)

  2. Multi-nutrient blocks with fresh fruit of Pitaya (Stenocereus griseus) replacing sugar cane molasses; L Arias, R Soriano, H Losada, J Rivera and J Cortés

  3. Effect of enzyme supplementation to parboiled rice polish based diet on broiler performance; M M Rahman, M B R Mollah, F B Islam and M A R Howlider

  4. Evaluation and utilization of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) juice extract waste in complete diets of goats; E M Aregheore

  5. Linking local production to urban demand: the emergence of small-scale milk processing units in Southern Senegal; P N Dieye, G Duteurtre, M M Sissokho, M Sall and D Dia

  6. Description, socio-economic characteristics, disease managements and mortality dynamics in smallholder's dairy production system in coastal humid region of Tanga, Tanzania; E S Swai, E D Karimuribo, L Schoonman, N P French, J Fitzpatrick, D Kambarage and M J Bryant

  7. Effect of polyethylene glycol on in vitro gas production, metobolizable energy and organic matter digestibility of Quercus cerris leaves; O Canbolat, A Kamalak, E Ozkose, C O Ozkan, M Sahin and P Karabay

  8. Promotion of cassava leaves silage utilization for smallholder dairy production in Eastern coast of Tanzania; P Y Kavana, Kiddo Mtunda, Adebayo Abass and Vianney Rweyendera

  9. Evaluation of the F1 and backcrosses of Nigerian local pigs and the Large White for litter characteristics in Southwest Nigeria; S Oseni

  10. Choice feeding of poultry: a review; S Pousga, H Boly and B Ogle

  11. Effect of supplementation with Moringa oleifera or multi-nutritional blocks on post partum weight and pre-weaning growth of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus L.); E Tedonkeng Pamo, A T Niba, F A Fonteh, F Tedonkeng, J R Kana, B Boukila et J Tsachoung (In French)

  12. A note on growth rates of local goats and their crosses with Norwegian goats at village level in Tanzania; J Safari, D E Mushi, L A Mtenga, L O Eik, G C Kifaro, V R M Muhikambele, E E Ndemanisho, A D Maeda Machang'u, A A Kassuku, E N Kimbita and M Ulvund